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Competitive financial solutions from Mashonisa

Being blacklisted can be frustrating and challenging. Once your credit record is ruined it can also take a long time to get it repaired. For most blacklisted people, getting access to finance can be a nightmare. Traditional lending institutions like banks won’t even consider their loan applications. Fortunately, the changing financial landscape in South Africa has made it possible for individuals to gain access to credit despite their impaired credit records.

Micro lending institutions like Mashonisa loans often provide convenient financial solutions for individuals facing such dilemmas.

There’s no denying that being blacklisted is an inconvenience. Being blacklisted means that you face difficulty when trying to obtain finance from lending institutions.

Fortunately there are Mashonisa loans readily available to cater to such needs. More financial institutions are creating avenues for blacklisted individuals to get access to finance when they need it most.

Being blacklisted can be as a result of numerous factors. You may have been fired or retrenched – resulting in you being unable to meet your credit obligations. You may have had a medical emergency that requires large sums of money – leaving you without much disposable income. This does not mean that you can’t access funds when you need them. It’s always advisable to only get a loan if you can afford to make the necessary repayments.

Mashonisa loans is a specialist personal loan provider that offers loans to individuals who are blacklisted. Loans are provided through a network of lenders.

Personal loans of up to R200 000 are provided. Personal loans are offered at competitive rates. Loans are offered with limited credit checks.

Applications only take 2 minutes to complete.

Mashonisa loans specialises in assisting clients who have a bad credit history- even if you have a poor credit record you can expect to get help from the institution. Even though traditional lending institutions generally deny loans to individuals with bad credit, they have access to loans through other lending institutions.

Through Mashonisa loans, individuals have access to multiple lenders across South Africa. Loan applicants don’t have to worry about having to submit their details to multiple credit providers. Mashonisa loans does the hard work for you. This way you could prevent further detriment to your credit record. Instead of submitting your details to various credit providers, Mashonisa loans identifies the right lenders for your needs.

With a high approval rate, Mashonisa loans offers clients simple access to loans. The institution does not consider creditworthiness to be the deciding factor in the provision of loans. Affordability, rather, is the deciding factor. Loans are granted to individuals who can afford to make repayments comfortably.

You can use your personal loan for whatever you need. Use to pay for school fees, for tertiary education fees, for emergency medical costs or even for settling debts.

Applying for a loan from Mashonisa loans helps you ease the pressure of an unexpected financial crisis.

The loans are unsecured, so individuals don’t have to worry about putting up collateral in the form of assets.