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mashonisa loans online

Personal Loans – instant approval, no paperwork, safe, transparent and competitive interest rates.

We will never charge fees

Absolutely NO paperwork

We process over 2500 loans everyday

Cash sent the same day

about us


There are many loan providers in South Africa whom all have a multitude of necessities for credit applicants, you may qualify for a loan at one provider but not the other.

Instant Approval, No Paperwork. has already earned the confidence of 100 000 South Africans.

Mashonisa was founded in 2010 with the aim to immediately and directly match your loan application to a qualifying lender by completing a single loan application.

step 1

Simple loan application process

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Choose your loan options

step 3

Get your loan today!

A representative example

A representative example: would be an R50 000 loan with an interest rate of 24.5% annually, plus a one-time initiation fee of R1 207.50 (added to the loan amount in this example) and a monthly admin fee of R69.00, for a total cost of R 103 155.57 over 72 months.

The maximum annual interest rate is 27.5%, including fees. Terms for repayment might be one to seventy-two months.

Mashonisa is not a lender; rather, it is an online loan broker. We collaborate with South African lenders who hold NCR licences, and our service is free. Lender-imposed interest rates, which include an initiation and service fee, can begin as low as 20% APR. The interest rate that is given is determined by the credit score of the applicants as well as other variables at the lenders’ discretion.

benefits of mashonisa loans

There’s No Paperwork Required and get approved immediately.

  • Need a quick loan of up to R300 000?
  • We Mashonisa immediately guide your single application.
  • Get a couple of loan offers, Select your best offer.
  • We are aligned with over 20 credit providers in South Africa.
  • Your information is kept safe.
  • You can apply for a loan on top of your loan.

what is a personal loan – more details

A personal loan is an effective short-term financial solution. It is nearly certain that we will all need to take out a loan at some point since life often throws curve balls that we don’t see coming.

You may choose loan rates and conditions that work for you based on how much money you want to borrow. Short-term loans, however, often have higher interest rates. Longer loan terms are often only available for larger sums of money and allow you to make set monthly payments that you can afford, as with house loans. Longer loan durations also often provide better interest rates.

Loan terms – You could sometimes want a personal loan amount that you can return over a period of six months, like a payday loan. Loan terms may, however, also be extended in lender proposals. Mashonisa makes an effort to ensure that you understand the interest rate and total cost of your loan. A fixed-rate loan will guarantee that the interest rate won’t alter over the loan’s term.

Consequently, you are fully aware of the amount of your monthly payments. The knowledge that the debt you are repaying won’t grow gives you further piece of mind. On the other hand, you are aware that it won’t go down either.
Mashonisa compares loans provided by several lenders. Simply complete our application, and we’ll provide you a list of specific offers from lenders.