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There are many loan providers in South Africa whom all have a multitude of necessities for credit applicants, you may qualify for a loan at one provider but not the other.

Please note applying for credit at many financial institutions can negatively impact your credit score.

Mashonisa was founded in 2010 with the aim to immediately and directly match your loan application to a qualifying lender by completing a single loan application.

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Loan application

Simple loan application process

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Choose your loan options

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Get your loan

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Benefits of Mashonisa loans

Our services are 100% free and we do not ask for your banking information.

Need a quick loan up to R20000.00?

We Mashonisa immediately guide your single application.

Get a couple of loan offers, Select your best offer.

We are aligned with over 20 credit providers in South Africa.

Your information is kept safe.

You can apply for a loan on top of your loan.



Get in touch with us today – tel: 011 027 4000

Mashonisha – Office block 19, Fourways Office park